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Foi com indisfarçável comoção que recebemos a notícia da celeuma diatribal causada em terras de Wim Kieft e Hans Van Breukelen por certo opúsculo sobre o mítico Zico Hitler, ex jogador do Gil Vicente (equipa já treinada por...Luís Campos). Com efeito, tal ensaio tem causado sensação junto dos adeptos do grande Nec Nijmegen (clube que desde já passamos a apoiar incondicionalmente), merecendo o devido destaque no seu fórum. Não resistimos, por isso, em publicar a versão inglesa e babelfishiana do supracitado artigo, bem como os comentários subsequentes feitos na língua do saudoso Rinus, uma vez que a dita versão se encontra plena de pós modernidade.
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"Ik zocht op google even wat over Tumba toen kwam ik dit merkwaardige stukje tegen. Het is al van vorig jaar maar wel heel opmerkelijk:

HITLER in BARCELOS or will be Zico Hitler the mysterious Zico Tumba?
for Prof. Quarlos Eirós

A thousand nine hundred and ninety and nine saw to arrive at the pacata city of Barcelos somebody of Hitler name. In an apex, the people had collected worse to its houses, fearing. Would go this Hitler to try to annex Green Village to the city of the rooster? Urbe breathed the bitter taste odor of the fear. Hitler in Barcelos: an undeniable fact. A truth that raised a question: who age Hitler? The reply one did not become delayed. Hitler was new craque of the Gil Vicente Soccer Club. Hitler? That Hitler? How it is that we go to make with nightgowns? That number we have to give to it? Indalécio Hitler Antunes Hisses, here it is the possible profile of a obscure football player whose career if dissolves in the mist of the time.
City of the Beach, 4 of May of 1977. Green handle breathed first airs of independence. In the Hosptial Dr. Augustin Grandson, the Plateau, a mother gave to the light a robust youngster. Moved (the pregnancy is of risk) the father she promises to nomenclar the son of Idalécio, the name of the doctor who folloied the pregnancy of Mrs. Antunes Hisses. An error in the register made with that the child was with the name of Indalécio. A stigma that would follow the small one during much time. But it lacked a name. As a name. A name that indelevelmente deposited in the Indalécio young the mark of somebody deeply admired for its (of it, Indalécio) father. E did not have contemplations. "puto have-of if calling Hitler". E thus was. Indalécio Hitler Antunes Hisses. Accurate test that has people that it has courage social politics and to call unborn children after 1945 with the name of a done monster man.
Indalécio Hitler Zico, is then, a obscure futebolista that the Barcelos with 22 years arrives, 1,76, 71 kg, at the time of 1999/2000 to play the offensive medium. However, the official registers only of it give to account in the at the time following city minhota, and with the nickname of Zico. Indalécio Hitler Zico, senior of the Gil Vicente Soccer Club. A carried through dream: Barcelos has a Hitler in the Gil Vicente. One reich gilista of a thousand anos?Não. The time will not have been of happyest. In the following year and the posterior ones, Hilter, victim of a more or less estalinista process (curious, not), he is extinguished of all the registers. It does not consist of the filing-cabinets. An arduous inquiry to inquire of the paradeiro of Zico Hitler was made. Phone calls for the Embassy, for the Adelino New Ribeiro and nobody know of Hitler. Some until say that already it died has 50 years more than. However, and because after modernismo oblige, we do not lower the arms.
We look for, incessantly, a track of Hitler. We made of this search a objectivo, a goal, as they say the English. E, almost in the end of the line ténue qua divides falhanço of the desperation, it appears: a consultation to annals of the European soccer gives to account of a Zico Tumba that, passing for the Gil Vicente, headed until the a Holland, the half one of 2000/2001, playing, currently in the Nec Nijmegen, equips guided for the lendário Neskeens. He will be it (Zico Tumba) Hitler? Arguments the favor and against were degladiam in a inconclusivo combat. It can be that yes, it can be that not. Here the inconclusivas conclusions are all. It will fit to the reader to conclude if this Tumba is or not it Hitler. Indalécio Hitler.

Arguments against:
- information collected next to the Nec Nijmegen give account that the Zico Tumba that for walks there was born in Kinshasa (the Congo) and not in Green Handle.
- the date of birth differs in 5 days: Hitler Zico was born the 4 of May, Zico Tumba the 29 of April.
- the same information collected next to the Nec Nijmegen say them that Zico Tamba, before going there, passed for the Metz in France and not for the Gil in Portugal.

Arguments the favor:
- Some registers give to account of a Zico Tumba in the Gil Vicente, who in the following year transits for the Nec. Would be difficult the Gil to have two Zicos (a Hitler and another Tumba, still for top).
- Holland is a great polar region of caboverdeana emigration. Zico, after failing in Portugal, can very have well headed for Holland.
- the Tumba that plays in Holland is also, offensive medium (nº 20 of the NEC)
- the name Tumba(Tomb). If I called Hitler and he apercebesse me of the evil to be that this would cause in Barcelos, would move of name, would try to erase my hitlerianos registers, but would keep a tétrico, mórbido trace. Tumba would be an ideal change.

Zico Tumba zou bij zijn geboorte de naam Hitler hebben gekregen, waarom kan ik niet helemaal volgen maar vervolgens zou ie bij Gil Vicente getraind hebben en daarna bij spoorloos verdwenen zijn en nu wordt de suggestie gewekt dat Zico Tumba weleens de verdwenen "Hitler" zou kunnen zijn.

ps. Stukje is vertaald met Babelfish uit het portugees vandaar het wat vage Engels."